The project "Development of Atlantic Watersports Network - D.A.W.N. " allowed to create an in the Atlantic Area an internationally recognized network of excellence for the sustainable development of water sports, and to establish a relevant and sustainable structure for the coordination of sports nautical activities in the Atlantic region named the Atlantic Watersports Committee.

The DAWN project has made it possible to work more precisely on the European priorities for sport development by enabling water sport stakeholders from the European Atlantic Area to

• Formalize a network: Atlantic Waters Committee
• Strengthening cooperation with institutions in the Atlantic area: CPRM Atlantic Arc Commission and Atlantic Arc Cities Conference
• Improve sharing of good practices: Conference Atlantic Watersports Conference
• Mobilizing Youth: Workshops, Testimony and Round Table

This project won the Atlantic Award for Accessibility and connectivity handed by the Atlantic Strategy Group which is composed of representatives of the five Atlantic Member States and of the European Institutions

Partnership of the Project